✓ It encourages a boost in morale and refocuses everyone on company goals e.g. goal zero
✓ It creates an awareness on the activities carried out by the company.
✓It reduces the cases of accidents and near misses because personnel are more enlightened and boosted for the job.
✓ It creates an insight as to the nature of activities carried out by personnel of other disciplines.
✓ Even in a company that has an elaborate safety plan like ours, workers still need to be made aware and constantly motivated about the importance of safety, else, they may slip into complacency, hence, the need for pep talks.
✓ It creates a medium for effective communication where questions can be asked and answered and contributions given.
✓ It keeps us enlightened on a range of topics, even the ones that are not necessarily safety inclined.
✓ It further boosts personnel compliance to rules and regulations.
In conclusion, Pep talks are very important to our day to day activities in the workplace, hence, everyone should avail themselves to be a constant part of it

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